"Okinawa Ikimono Lab" Is the official website to inform the world about the biodiversity of Okinawa as an <Okinawa Brand>




Biodiversity is the interrelationship between a diverse set of living organisms that can be observed in a particular location. Okinawa Prefecture makes up only 0.6% of Japan’s total area, yet it is home to countless life forms, including many that cannot be found anywhere else, living in harmony in a diverse range of environments. The Biodiversity Okinawa Brand Promotion Project was launched in 2016 to help preserve this biodiversity long into the future. The objectives of the project are to investigate the latest geographical distribution of wild plants and animals, the relationships between these life forms and people, and to determine what direction we should take in order to preserve them for the future. The concrete manifestation of this work will be the Biodiversity Conservation and Utilization Guidelines (tentative name). The aim of these guidelines will be to design a means for the coexistence of conservation and use that preserves the high level of biodiversity in the prefecture.

This website is also part of an effort to brand the idea that our engagement with information about the life forms distinct to our region, and with our natural surroundings directly, has an inherent value to the residents of the prefecture. We will be reviewing historical and other documents concerning methods of use of the life forms remaining in the region, and organize our findings in terms of brand value.

Terms of Use (Biodiversity Conservation and Utilization Guidelines Data)