Amami Woodcock

Amami Woodcock
English Common Name
Amami Woodcock
Scientific name
Scolopax mira
Order: Charadriiformes, Family: Scolopacidae
About 36 cm
Species Distribution
Mainly in Okinawa, Amamioshima, Tokunoshima, and Tokashiki Islands
Okinawan Common Name
Okinawa Prefecture Natural Monument
National Endangered Species
Okinawa Red List of Threatened Species: Endangered
Japan Red List of Threatened Species: Vulnerable
Closely related Eurasian Woodcock used to be thought to be the same species as Amami Woodcock, but Eurasian Woodcock breeds in mainland Japan and migrates to Japan from fall to spring. The characteristics of Amami Woodcock are longer legs than Eurasian Woodcock, slightly curved bill tip, and blackish-brown back. It gets active from evening since this is a nocturnal animal. It sticks its long bill to the ground to feed on earthworms The species is observed in Amami Group through a year, but it can be found only in winter in Okinawa Island. It appears that the species migrates to Okinawa Island from the Amami Group.

Blackish-brown back of Amami Woodcock

※Please Note!
Scolopax mira is an endangered species and Okinawa Prefecture Natural Monument. Please refer to the Please refer to the Act on Conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and Okinawa Prefecture’s law for the Protection of Cultural Properties.
Updated June 2017

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