Zig Zag Beetle

Zig Zag Beetle
English Common Name
Zig Zag Beetle
Scientific name
Cheilomenes sexmaculatus
Order: Coleoptera, Family: Coccinelidae
About 3.7 mm – 6.7 mm
Species Distribution
This species is found in the Honshu area of Japan and southward.
Okinawan Common Name
Kahmee-guwah, Mayiah-guwah, and etc. (general term for ladybugs)
This is the most common ladybug species found in Okinawa. The species shows high body color variety on each individual. To differentiate this species from Harmonia axyridis and Coccinella septempunctata, morphology such as length of antennae needs to be looked into.

Updated November 2018

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