Iwasaki Kusazemi(in japanese)

Iwasaki Kusazemi(in japanese)
Japanese Common Name
Iwasaki Kusazemi
Scientific name
Mogannia minuta
Order: Hemiptera, Family: Cicadidae
12 mm – 18 mm
Species Distribution
Okinawa and Kudaka Islands, Miyako Islands, and Yaeyama Islands. Outside of Okinawa Prefecture, this species is distributed in southern Taiwan.
Okinawan Common Name
Sun-sanah, Sun-sun, Asa-sah, Gah-u-sue, etc. (General term for cicadas)
This species is found on Okinawa Island and southward. Not only is it the smallest cicada found in Japan, but it is also the earliest to start making noise. Around Golden Week season in May, it can be found near sugar cane fields. Other cicadas drink sap from branches of trees. Japanese common name for Mogannia minuta refers to the characteristic of the species that drinks sap from leaves.

Updated May 2018

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