Nanahoshi Kin Kamemushi(in japanese)

Nanahoshi Kin Kamemushi(in japanese)
Japanese Common Name
Nanahoshi Kin Kamemushi
Scientific name
Calliphara nobilis
Order: Hemiptera, Family: Scutelleridae
1.8 cm – 2 cm
Species Distribution
Okinawa, Minami Daito, Ishigaki, Iriomote, and Okinoerabu Islands. Outside of Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia are the places where this species is distributed.
Okinawa Prefecture is the only place where this species can be observed in Japan. The population is high, and it can be found not only in natural areas but also around outside lights in residential areas with less nature. The overall color is vivid and it looks as if a metallic color is emitted from the body. The color is due to a “structural color”, reflection of lights on the structure of the organism. Much like CDs and bubbles, its colors appear to change depending on the angle.

Updated August 2018

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