Sakishima Grass Lizard

Sakishima Grass Lizard
English Common Name
Sakishima Grass Lizard
Scientific name
Takydromus dorsalis
Order: Squamata, Family: Lacertidae
25 cm – 32 cm
Species Distribution
Ishigaki, Kuroshima, and Iriomote Islands
Okinawa Red List of Threatened Species: Threatened Local Population in Kohama and Kuroshima Islands.
Japan Red List of Threatened Species: Near Threatened
Takydromus dorsalis gives the impression of being fragile because it has a very long tail; however, this species is the largest species of the family Lacertidae. It is distinguishable from other species because it does not have white lines on its body that can be found on Green Grass Lizards in Okinawa Islands. Additionally, it is bigger and has a distinct body color compared with Miyako Grass Lizard.

Updated August 2018

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