Sakishima Tree Lizard

Sakishima Tree Lizard
English Common Name
Sakishima Tree Lizard
Scientific name
Japalura polygonota ishigakiensis
Order: Squamata, Family: Agamidae
16 cm to 27 cm
Species Distribution
Miyako, Okami, Ikema, Irabu, Kurima, Ishigaki, Iriomote, and Kohama Islands
Okinawan Common Name
Keybatari, Yama-inn, Yama-garra, Tofudajewmay. etc. (dialect in Yaeyama and Miyako)
Okinawa Red List of Threatened Species: Near Threatened
Japan Red List of Threatened Species: Near Threatened
This lizard is a subspecies of Okinawa Tree Lizard that inhabits Okinawa Island. Distinctions found between the sexes, called sexual dimorphisms, are significant with this species. A male’s total length is about 27 cm and a female’s about 20 cm. Males have a yellowish-white line on their sides as well as distinct serrated scales. Females are dark green and have patterns with dark brown.

Updated May 2018

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