Gray-faced Buzzard

Gray-faced Buzzard
English Common Name
Gray-faced Buzzard
Scientific name
Butastur indicus
Order: Accipitriformes, Family: Accipitridae
About 50 cm
Species Distribution
Japan, Korean Peninsula, Eastern China, Nansei Islands, Southern China, Southeast Asia
Okinawan Common Name
Taka, Chin-mee
Okinawa Red List of Threatened Species: Vulnerable
Japan Red List of Threatened Species: Vulnerable
It feeds on frogs, lizards, and mice in grasslands, paddy fields and wetlands. This species nests in the forest areas close to places where it can find its food. Concerns for the Butastur indicus population are rising due to the impact of pesticides on its primary food sources (amphibian & reptile) coupled with the impact of deforestation on its typical habitat (pines & broad-leaved vegetation).

Updated June 2018

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