Intermediate Egret

Intermediate Egret
English Common Name
Intermediate Egret
Scientific name
Egretta intermedia intermedia
Order: Palecaniformes, Family: Ardeidae
About 68 cm
Species Distribution
In Japan, Honshu to Kyushu. As a migratory or winter bird, it flies to Nansei Islands. Overseas distribution areas include India to southeast Asia, eastern China, and the Korean Peninsula.
Okinawan Common Name
Sah-jah (general term for herons)
Okinawa Red List of Threatened Species:Near Threatened
Japan Red List of Threatened Species:Near Threatened
It can be found in paddy fields, wetlands and farms but not often in tidal flats. Compared with A. alba and Egretta garzetta, this species inhabits drier areas feeding on fish, crustacea and insects. In Okinawa prefecture, no breeding observation has been reported. However, as a wintering site or interchange for migration, the habitat needs attention for preservation.

Updated March 2019

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