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Guidelines for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Okinawa

Copyright for data published on this website in the PDF/GEOJSON format (below, “Guidelines Data”) belongs to Okinawa Prefecture.
Anyone may freely use the Guidelines Data as long they comply with the following conditions.

  1. Prohibitions
    Any use for a purpose, or by means or methods in violation of laws and regulations, or any use that may violate public order and morals, is prohibited.
  2. Attribution Obligation
    When publishing the results of use of Guidelines Data, please provide an attribution conforming to the proper attribution format.
    Sample Attribution
    "Okinawa Prefecture, Guidelines Data (20** edition). Okinawa Prefecture, Department of Environmental Affairs, Nature Conservation Division"
  3. Prohibition of Reproduction, etc.
    The following actions are prohibited without obtaining written consent.
    • Using Guidelines Data by users for the purpose of selling products or services.
  4. Notes on Use
    The survey year and other features of Guidelines Data may differ depending on the type of data. Therefore, it may not always be suitable for the purpose of the user. It is the user’s responsibility to check published reports and other documentation before determining whether data is suitable for the intended purpose.
    Though we pay careful attention in the preparation of Guidelines Data, the data may still contain errors. Please contact us by email to inform us of any errors you may notice.
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