"Okinawa Ikimono Lab" Is the official website to inform the world about the biodiversity of Okinawa as an <Okinawa Brand>




Welcome to Okinawa Ikimono Lab. Okinawa prefecture is a part of the Ryukyu Islands. Throughout history, the islands have cycled between being either connected or disconnected from the main continent. This unique characteristic has had a noticeable impact on the development of flora and fauna indigenous to the area. And even today in this humid, subtropical climate, diverse creatures are found in the islands.

However, the modern world developed a different lifestyle. We have less opportunity to face surrounding nature or inherit useful knowledge from old times. The future of Okinawa is tied to its natural resources. In order to ensure future generations inherit the natural resources Okinawa has to offer, it is of utmost importance that all people within Okinawa prefecture recognize just how precious it is and reevaluate how they interact with nature.

Okinawa prefecture set up this website to provide information such as the nature and distribution of unique creatures from the area, what it is called in Okinawan language and the relation of the living flora and fauna to humans so that people in Okinawa prefecture can learn about the nature in Okinawa.

This website uses the term “brand” to describe information concerning living flora and fauna, and the relationship between the human race and nature based on its value to the people of Okinawa prefecture.

Information recently compiled on the distribution of flora and fauna confirmed a relationship with humans. Based on this information, we published “Guidelines for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Okinawa (Okinawa Island Version)” in August 2019 to serve as a guide for the preservation of species in the near future. Yaeyama, Miyako Islands, Islands around Okinawa Island, and Daito Islands will each have their own edition as soon as the survey each area is completed.

Vivid movies of the various life forms were captured during the site survey carried out for the “Guidelines for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Okinawa”. Please check these movies that are available at 「Gallery」. All the movies can be utilized for non-commercial purposes. There are some restrictions for using the movies, however. Please see the bottom of the movie site 「Terms of Use (movie data)」 for details.

We hope this website will support nature conservation as well as encourage an interest in local nature among Okinawans.